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Braziers Common Geocaching

On The Hunt For Geocaches

With Shelli taking Eleni out for the day for her Birthday on Sunday, Alice, Elisa, Asri and I had to find something to do with ourselves: geocaching! A fantastic idea as the weather was looking as though it was going to last for the rest of the weekend

The girls wanted to do another geocache walk so I found another multi-cache route not too far from home. After we’d done some food shopping we packed our boots into the car, drove the short distance to the start of the route, and off we went into the woods.

We had a brilliant time hunting for the caches in the woods! That said, we didn’t find two of the caches: numbers 2 and 5.

Number 2 was impossible to find, even with the hint. After spending a good 10 minutes looking for it with no success we moved on. Fortunately the girls weren’t too upset about not finding it – phew!

The grid reference for number 5 was exactly on the point where a tree had been freshly cut down. We looked around to see if the cache was anywhere to be seen but alas no.

Other than that the girls did a brilliant job of finding the other caches and were really pleased with themselves.

All in all a great couple of hours out in the woods!


Cache Details

Below are details related to each of the seven caches on this walk. Left-click on the cache title (e.g. Cache 1) to show the details for that specific cache.

Each cache has its position (Degrees and Minutes, and British Grid Reference) and a clue on where to find them if you’re having trouble.

The caches are also marked on the route map below, but be warned, this may not be 100% accurate so it would be best to use it more as a guide.

As not everyone would want to see the clues immediately, they’ve been set up so that they’re not instantly visible. You have to left-click on the “Hint” button to show the clue; left-click it again to hide it.

N 51° 33.271 W 001° 03.775
SU 65065 84379

N 51° 33.247 W 001° 04.014
SU 64789 84331

N 51° 33.099 W 001° 04.139
SU 64649 84055

N 51° 33.119 W 001° 03.852
SU 64980 84096

N 51° 33.158 W 001° 03.676
SU 65182 84171

N 51° 33.220 W 001° 03.425
SU 65471 84290

N 51° 33.303 W 001° 03.278
SU 65639 84446

Route Details

If you’re interested you can download the KML file and/or GPX file of the plotted route. Please be aware though that the route was hand-plotted and so may not be 100% accurate.

Walk Statistics

Miles Start (HH:MM) Finish (HH:MM) Breaks (HH:MM) Walking (HH:MM) Pace (MPH) Steps Taken
1.49 13:30 15:45 00:15 02:00 0.75 3,208

Route Map

Elevation Details

Start Elavation (m) End Elavation (m) Max Elevation (m) Min Elevation (m) Total Climb (m) Total Descent (m) Climbs on Route
176 176 176 132 51 -51 0

More information about climb ratings can be found at Map My Walk.