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My 46th – Day 2: Walk 2

A circular walk from Pulpit Hill

After a short drive from Lewknor to the National Trust car park at Pulpit Hill it was time to put our muddy boots and gaiters back on, much to the confusion of young Snow. Normally, after a walk and a trip in the car we’re back home and it’s time for a little nap. Not this time!

Much like the other walks this weekend, we immediately started to head uphill, much to Shelli’s dismay as I think she was beginning to get all hilled out by now. Thankfully it wasn’t the longest climb we’d had this weekend but it was a bit muddy and slippery, which never helps.

The woods were nice but sadly it looked as though the people who care and tend to the woods had driven a big caterpiller-tracked vehicle along the main track through the woods making a complete bloody mess of it! It was a shame because it really did detract from the lovely woodland scenery, something that would have been better if they’d used – and kept alive – old methods like using horses to pull out the felled trees. Shame.

We made it through the boggy mess and as we left the woods we were greeted by some wonderful views over the hills. The sky was still full of cloud and we could only imagine what they’d look like on a clear day. Definitely a reason to come back another day for sure.

We headed out over Grangelands and Pulpit Hill Nature Reserve where Snow had a riot chewing on a stick, as she does, reaching Lower Cadsden and the Plough pub. We were tempted to stop for a drink but decided to get the walk finished and then drive back for a refreshment before heading home.

So, we walk past the pub – shocking – and headed uphill again! This was a bit of a slog only for us to head straight back down again. I don’t think Shelli was very happy with this, especially as we had to head back up again to get the car park. Thankfully, it was a gradual gradient for the last stretch of the walk, but I think hills were definitely done for the weekend!

Back at the car we changed our shoes and headed back to the pub for a drink. We had to sit outside though as they only allowed guide dogs in. I wasn’t surprised when I went in to get the drinks as, although a pub, it was definitely more geared towards food and not just a nice comfy drink after a walk in the woods.

It started to rain as we sat there enjoying our drinks so we got them sunk and then headed home for a well deserved rest, ordering a curry for dinner as neither of us really wanted to cook.

We both agreed that out of the walks we did today this was definitely the nicer of the two. The noise from the M40 definitely took something away from the scenery and tranquility of the first walk of the day. A great day though!


Route Details

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Walk Statistics

Miles Start (HH:MM) Finish (HH:MM) Breaks (HH:MM) Walking (HH:MM) Pace (MPH) Steps Taken
2.22 15:04 16:16 00:24 00:48 2.78 5,725

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Start Elavation (m) End Elavation (m) Max Elevation (m) Min Elevation (m) Total Climb (m) Total Descent (m) Climbs on Route
206 206 252 143 147 -147 0

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