Summer Holiday 2019: Day 10

Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit And Invermoriston

Having investigated the other side of Loch Ness when we visited Falls of Foyer, it was time to properly look at what was on the Inverness road instead of just driving past it all, watching it all go by out of the window.

We started the morning early to make sure we got a parking space at Urquhart Castle, which luckily we did. It wasn’t long after we arrived that the car park was pretty much full. Very busy!

There was actually a lot to see at the castle, not what we really thought when you see it from the road, and we spend quite a lot of time there, having our lunch in the cafe there. If you’re in the area I’d recommend it.

After the castle we headed up the road to Drumnadrochit and popped into the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition to learn a bit more about the mystery that is the Loch Ness Monster. It wasn’t bad as it goes. It was a bit short for the money but not too bad.

We had a look in the gift shops – at the Centre and also on the road back to the car park, picking up a couple of little bits. Then, it was back in the camper and back down to Invermoriston to see Invermoriston Falls, something I’d wanted to see more of since passing them on my LEJOG walk.

We crossed the old bridge and headed down onto the rocks to get up close and personal to the falls and the River Moriston, spending a long time clambering over the rocks, taking pictures, and generally chilling out to the sound of the falls and rushing water. Just awesome to see!

After dinner back at the house the girls did an impromptu fashion shoot in the garden _ I have no idea why so don’t ask me – and then Shelli, Eleni, Alice and I went on a stroll to hunt down some more waterfalls, again seeing them marked on my GPS’ map. We walked up the road and headed into the woods. finding some awesome waterfalls you just couldn’t see from the road.

On our stroll back we took a look in an old house (more like an old shack) I’d spotted the previous day. It was fascinating to see inside and – although a little scared – the girls were really interested too. There was another old hut/house but that had a warning sign on the outside so I was told in no uncertain terms NOT to go in, so I didn’t.


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