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Adventure List for 2015

Things to do in 2015

In the previous post we redefined what adventure means. That made for an interesting time writing a short-list of things we’d like to do this year.

We weren’t restricted thinking about the big things, the mad over-the-top crazy things. We could just look for adventure outside our front door. This made for an intriguing assortment of ideas.

I visited various websites for inspiration. I also looked through my copy of Alastair Humphrey’s book. A lot of that wasn’t suitable for four little girls but it’s got some great ideas in it.

Knowing our girls – mine especially – there were some ideas put on the back-burner. We weren’t confident that they’d be up to the challenge yet. We’re hoping that in time, maybe, we’ll reach a point where they can be added to future lists. We’ll see.

Family Adventures

Below is the list of adventures we’ll attempt to have with the girls over the course of this year:

  1. Journey round our home
  2. Collect leaf rubbings
  3. Mushroom forage
  4. Botanical ramble
  5. Cycle through a forest
  6. Walk the woods in the dark
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Paint with light
  9. Hunt for weeping angels
  10. Sleep out in our garden
  11. Walk part of a National Trail
  12. Climb the highest point in the county
  13. Uncover hidden dragons
  14. Investigate insects
  15. Build a woodland den
  16. Search for flotsam and jetsam
  17. Navigate to geocaches
  18. Roll down an ancient hill
  19. Make land art
  20. Observe the night sky
  21. Dice walk
  22. Stone footprints

The list above isn’t in any particular order. We should be able to do a lot of them at any point throughout the year.

Okay, there are a few that have to be done at the right time of year, but the rest should be fine when ever. I suspect our unpredictable weather may play a big part on what’s done when!

Our Adventures

Below is the list of a few more taxing adventures we’d like to have over the course of this year:

  1. Walk from King Henry’s Mound to St. Paul’s Cathedral
  2. Take a taster course in something we’ve never done before
  3. Complete at least two more legs of the Thames Path
  4. Take a sunrise walk
  5. Walk over quicksand
  6. Walk with wolves
  7. Make the most of our local countryside

Again, the list above isn’t in any particular order. We’ll aim on fitting these in on our “off” weekends with the girls. I expect things will be added to the list as the year progresses too.

With the vast majority of the decorating of the house now finished, we should be able to get out and about more this year!

At the end of the day, that’s what this site’s all about…getting out and having fun!

“As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca