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Challenge Afternoon

The Girls Wanted An Afternoon Of Challenges

The girls came up with a plan for them to undertake a couple of challenges on Saturday: slightly revised egg roulette and ice bucket challenges.

Egg Challenge

For this challenge, the girls decided to play a game of egg roulette.

Now, there are a lot of videos out there on t’interwebs about this challenge, all with slightly different rules on how many raw eggs there should be. For their challenge the girls decided to use a dozen eggs, half of which would be hard boiled, the other half left raw. Each of them would then get to pick three eggs and smash them on their heads.

We hard boiled half of the eggs but once they’d cooled we realised that they would be easy to spot because of their slight change in shell colour. So, we decided to write numbers on each of the eggs (1 to 12) and the girls would then choose a number. Once chosen, they’d be given the egg, and without looking at it they would then smash it on their heads; each hard boiled egg scoring that person a point.

And that is exactly what they did. It was hilarious to watch! They were all completely up to getting in a mess which was brilliant to see.

After they’d all smashed their eggs the scores-on-the-doors stood as follows:

Position Who Score
1st Asri 3
2nd Elisa 2
3rd Alice 1
4th Eleni 0

As well as taking photos of them doing their challenge they wanted us to video it too. So, we set a camera up on a tripod and recorded the fun and games for them, which you can see below.

Egg Challenge Photos

Egg Challenge Video

The Bucket Challenge

Now that the girls were ever so slightly covered in egg, the best way to start washing it all out was to throw buckets of water over their heads, obviously!

For this challenge, instead of just having a cold bucket of water they decided that it would be more fun to have one warm bucket and one cold bucket, choosing one of the buckets without knowing which was which. Once they’d picked their bucket they – or a helper – poured the water over their head while the everyone else stood back and awaited the reaction.

They each had a go, the results being as follows:

  • Alice chose warm water
  • Elisa chose cold water
  • Asri chose warm water
  • Eleni got cold water

As Elisa and Eleni both got cold water, they paired up and had a warm bucket of water poured over them. And, as they’d both gotten warm water, Asri and Alice paired up and had a cold bucket of water poured over them.

Again, photos and videos were taken which you can see below.

Bucket Challenge Photos

Bucket Challenge Video