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Around Woodcote

A Lovely Walk Round Woodcote

Not having the girls for the weekend, and Shelli sadly being at work for the day, after I’d finished off a few things around the house I decided to plot a walk around Woodcote to get me out of the house for the day.

The idea of the walk was to plot a circular – or something close to a circular – walk around Woodcote, taking in some of the surrounding area I’d not seen yet. I got the idea from Alistair Humphreys’ post about a similar walk he took, although he spent the night sleeping out in the open whereas I was just looking to spend the day outside.

Using a bit of old school maths (2 x Pi x r + 2 x r) I figured out a rough radius for the circular walk that would give me 14 miles in total. This was 1.7 miles.

Armed with that knowledge I plotted the route as best as I could, following paths and roads, to try and get as close to that figure as I could. As you can see from the route details below, I manage to plot a route with a radius of about 1.65 miles, giving me an overall route distance of 13.65 miles. Not a bad effort even if I do say so myself.

Jobs done, lunch made, water sorted out, bag packed, and camera at the ready, I walked out the door to see what I could see.

I won’t give a blow-by-blow account of the walk as there wasn’t really that much to comment on. The lanes were pretty. The woods were wonderful. The countryside was fantastic. All in all it was a very nice walk. The only thing that was seriously missing was Shelli, not only for her great company but also because I’d probably have taken the walk at a slightly more gentle pace if we were walking together!


Route Details

If you’re interested you can download the KML file and/or GPX file of the plotted route. Please be aware though that the route was hand-plotted and so may not be 100% accurate.

Walk Statistics

Miles Start (HH:MM) Finish (HH:MM) Breaks (HH:MM) Walking (HH:MM) Pace (MPH) Steps Taken
13.65 10:31 14:58 00:20 04:07 3.32 28,393

Route Map

Elevation Details

Start Elavation (m) End Elavation (m) Max Elevation (m) Min Elevation (m) Total Climb (m) Total Descent (m) Climbs on Route
172 172 185 94 411 -411 1

Climb Details

Rating Start Point (miles) End Point (miles) Length (miles) Start Elevation (m) End Elevation (m) Average Grade
5 1.69 3.01 1.32 99 170 2.8%

More information about climb ratings can be found at Map My Walk.