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Riverside Country Park

A Family Walk

After a fun-filled hour at the photographer’s having some new family photos taken – always a laugh – we headed out to the Riverside Country Park for a stroll. Just what the doctor ordered after the abysmal traffic down to Kent Friday afternoon!

After the short drive from mum and dad’s we headed off out to Horrid Hill 1.

Fortunately for the girls the tide was out so it meant that we could walk along the shingle and get up close to a couple of the old wrecks as we made our way along the causeway.

The girls had lots of fun throwing stones into the mud – most of which landed with a very satisfying splat! – and clambering along the rocks.

The wind was quite strong and had a bit of a bite to it but the sun stayed out for us, which was good as none of us had coats with us.

Back at the coffee shop we all had a drink and the girls played in the play area for a good half an hour, making up games as they do.

Tummies rumbling we got in the cars and headed back home for dinner.

All in all a fantastic afternoon out at one of the really nice parts of Medway.