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Virginia Water Lake

A Walk Around The Lake With The Girls And Snow

Snow needs walking. We knew that before getting a dog, and as lovely as walking round the woods near to home is, having new places to explore – both us and Snow – is always a good thing.

So with that in mind we decided to try somewhere new. Somewhere Asri and Eleni had been to before but not the rest of us. Virginia Water Lake it was!

It was a little bit of a drive to get there – Snow is brilliant in the car, thankfully – and by the time we found the car park we’d decided to head for it was already pretty much full to capacity. I guess the fine weather had encouraged everyone to go out and make the most of it?

Fortunately we got a space without too much trouble and after a quick pit stop to use the toilet we started to make our way clockwise round the lake, taking in the water’s edge so that Snow could have a little paddle. She’s definitely not a water dog and is always very cautious when it comes to being in the water. Sufficed to say, she didn’t exactly go very deep into the water at all, not compared to some of the other dogs that were playing around us.

Making our way along the path we came across a waterfall, one where you could get to the top easily and, as luck would have it, walk out into the river on the stones.

Obviously, the girls – and Snow – had to wander out into the water, the girls doing their best not to get their feet completely wet! Snow loved paddling in the shallow water at the top, bless her.

Fun and games in the water over with, we carried on walking round the lake, talking and having fun with Snow. There were lots of people with dogs out and Snow loved saying hello to all of them!

A little bit before half way we came across a little trailer coffer/snack shop, which seemed like the perfect place to sit on the grass and have our packed lunches. Snow had a carrot to keep her occupied while we ate.

Fed and watered we packed up and carried on our way, walking over the road bridge to the north side of the lake and onto the lovely Valley Gardens with the newly blossoming flowers.

The gardens really were lovely and are definitely worth another visit as there were lots of paths we didn’t get to investigate.

It wasn’t long before we made it back to the start of our walk (the car park) and as it’d been a hot day, and everyone – including Snow – had been so good, it was ice creams all round!

We will definitely be back for another walk round the lake and gardens to take in some of the paths we never got to wander round.


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