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Nuffield Circular Walk

Checking out the bluebells

With the weather being so absolutely gorgeous over the Easter weekend, it was perfect for us all to take a trip out to Nuffield, enjoy the bluebells and take in a little stroll. Oh, and an impromptu photo shoot of our gorgeous girls!

Around this time last year, Shelli and I took our first trip out to Nuffield Place to see what it was like. Although small compared to some National Trust places, we were lucky to catch all of the bluebells, especially in the adjacent woods.

Forearmed with this knowledge I plotted a walk from Nuffield Place that wouldn’t be too hard for the girls to do – especially with the expected heat – and sold it to the girls with the treat of an ice cream once the walk was done.

We started with a little look round the grounds of Nuffield Place, enjoying the shade of the small wooded section, before heading out to see the bluebells, and boy did they not disappoint!

While we were wandering along the path through the woods Eleni asked if we could do a little photo shoot in the bluebells. If you know me then you know I like to take photos – lots of photos! – so there was no way I was going to turn down the chance to [hopefully] take some lovely shots of our gorgeous girls. And so, we found a nice spot and I took a few snaps of the girls (see below).

A little further on in the woods Eleni wanted Shelli to take a couple of pictures, so she and Elisa posed for the camera again while Shelli took charge of the camera. I think you’ll agree when I say that our girls are absolutely gorgeous!

Photo shoots done it was time to start the walk proper, heading out of the woods and along the road at Huntercombe End. The sun was really hot, even though it was later in the afternoon, and the path across the field was far too open for that sort of heat. Well, for me at least, as Shelli was loving the sunshine!

We crossed Port Hill road and made our way down Hayden Lane hoping for a little bit of shade after the walk across the field. Sadly, the hedgerow was only casting a very small shadow so onwards in the sun it was. Thankfully we’d planned reasonably well and had a good amount of water with us to keep the girls hydrated and happy.

The woods back to Nuffield were a welcome relief from the sunshine and it wasn’t long before were heading across Huntercombe Golf Club – being as careful as we could – before heading back up the road to Nuffield Place, and the promise of an ice cream.

We – or should I say the girls? – were extremely lucky as we got back just before the tea room closed, so we managed to get the kids an ice cream each after the hot walk. Phew!

All in all a lovely afternoon spent in the great outdoors!


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