Summer Holiday 2019: Day 7

The Isle of Skye

Another day of touring and walking, this time on the Isle of Skye, a day we’d been looking forward to. Not only because we were going to see the Fairy Pools, but also because it was the day the girls were going to send Uncle Russ on his next adventure, in a place he’d spent some time a couple years ago.

We loaded up the van and headed out reasonably early as it was on the way to a couple of hours just to get to Skye Bridge. After that we had to navigate to the Fairy Pools, which was interesting at times on some of the small roads we had to take.

We got there though, managing to get a parking space before the car park filled up, which it wasn’t far off when we got there as the pools are very very popular.

I had a circular walk planned, taking us up along the River Brittle – where the pools are all formed – and then out across the moorland, swinging back to the car park. Along the way the girls were going to scatter the last of Russ’ ashes when we found a good spot.

The Fairy Pools were definitely worth going to see, even if it was a little on the busy side to start with. That said, the further you got from the car park and the bottom end of the river, the quieter it got; who knew?

The mountains as a back to the pools were something else! They looked like they could have come straight out of The Lord of the Rings or something. Well worth the walk up the river to get to see them just that little bit closer.

On the way back to the car park we came across a little burn and we all agreed that that would be a beautiful spot to send Russ off on his next adventure. We all scattered some of his ashes and after a moment watching him disappear with the water we carried on back to the van.

When we were nearly back Eleni, Elisa and I were walking along when I spotted a deer only a few metres away from us. It wasn’t spooked or anything and just carried on walking along and minding its own business. We warned the others to look out for it and they in turn warned some people behind them too. Awesome to see!

After getting back to the van we headed off in search of the Isle of Skye Brewing Company, another place Russ visited while on Skye. It was a lovely drive there and once there we bought some beer (2 cases) and I got a t-shirt too.

By now everyone was beginning to get a little hungry so we headed off in search of somewhere to get something to eat, eventually finding pub in Portree where we fed and watered ourselves.

After that we drove back to the Skye Bridge and made our way back to Fort Augustus, completely a very long (200+ miles) day, but a very special one.


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