Summer Holiday 2019: Day 17

Malham Cove, Gordale Scar And Janet's Foss

Another day the girls had been looking forward to, seeing as it was Harry Potter related again. A trip to Malham to see Malham Cove and have their photos taken where Harry and Hermione set up their camp.

We all had breakfast in the van and while everyone was getting themselves ready I took a little stroll down the road to check out the local inhabitants – the cows – seeing as they’d been making so much noise! As you can see, one of them wasn’t happy having their photo taken, and the bull on the other side of the little lane wasn’t happy either!

After the short drive to Malham we walked to the Cove, checking it out from the bottom – to see the true scale of it – before we slogged our way up the path and steps to the top. The views were stunning as it wasn’t too bad a day weather-wise.

Everyone had a sit down and soaked up the scenery before it was time to recreate [as best we could] the girls looking out from the limestone pavement like Harry and Hermione did in the film [note: I did a bit of post processing to try and make their photos look more like they were taken as the sun was going down, like in the film].

Photos taken, we headed off towards Gordale Scar, somewhere I’d wanted to see on my LEJOG walk [I stayed in Malham for the night] but I’d not had the time to do so.

It was a lovely stroll and we all had fun walking to the bottom of the little waterfall and having our pictures taken.

The walk back to Malham took us past Janet’s Foss, which is a small waterfall. The name Janet (sometimes Jennet) is believed to refer to a fairy queen who supposedly lived a cave at the rear of the fall. It was very pretty and the path along Gordale Beck was very nice indeed.

Back at Malham we headed to the Lister Arms (where I had my dinner the night I stayed in Malham on my LEJOG walk) for a well-deserved bite to eat before heading back to the campsite.


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