Summer Holiday 2020: Day 1

The Drive North & A Quick Walk To Hadrian's Wall

A not too early start to hit the road up to Northumberland for the first part of our summer holiday in Russ’ bus.

We headed up the motorways to Haltwhistle, where I stayed on day 41 of my LEJOG walk. Just to make it a little more interesting, the route I’d planned to get us to Herding Hill Farm Campsite took us off the motorway early, cutting across North Pennines, going through Alston, another place I stayed on my LEJOG walk back in 2010.

The journey up wasn’t too bad, although the weather was a bit hit or miss, and everyone enjoyed the holiday playlist we’d all contributed to so that we had plenty of tunes to listen to while on the move in the camper.

Unlike last year there was no tent to put up for the girls when we arrived. No, this year – seeing as we were only stopping on the way up to Scotland, and stopping for a little bit longer than last year – we’d booked the girls a Wigwam Cabin (see the photos below) which the girls loved! All we had to do was get the girls bits out of the back of the camper and they were done. Simples!

Shelli and I were in the van for the entire holiday – the longest we’d ever stayed in the camper before – so we didn’t have to do much to get ourselves sorted out, and it wasn’t long before we were heating up the dinner we’d brought (thanks mum for making it before we left!) and we were all sat down catching up on some well-needed calories after a long day on the road.

To stretch our legs, Shelli, Asri and I took as stroll up the road to get a quick look at Hadrian’s Wall in before settling down for the evening/night. The other three girls didn’t fancy it so they stayed in their cabin, chilling out.

It was a nice stroll and absolutely fantastic to be back at the wall, something that was a major milestone in my walk up the country 10 years ago!


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