Summer Holiday 2020: Day 8

Queen's View And Loch Rannoch

A slightly easier day today compared to most of the holiday so far! Not too far in the camper and only a couple of things on the agenda for the day.

First stop for the day was Queen’s View, up a winding tree-lined road, hugging the River Tummel which was an interesting drive at points to say the least, especially when we came face to face with a big lorry hammering it round a blind corner!

When Queen Victoria visited in 1866, she assumed that the sweeping view west along Loch Tummel was named after her, but it is thought that the view was really named after Isabella, the first wife of Robert the Bruce, who lived more than 500 years earlier.

Queen’s View looks out directly to the west along Loch Tummel from where, on a clear day, you can sometimes see the mountains surrounding Glencoe by the West Coast. And, as luck would have it, we could indeed just about make out the mountains way off in the distance!

View seen and photos taken we had a quick drink in the café and a look round the shop before heading up the road to Loch Rannoch, our second stop for the day.

On paper the trip should have been a short one, it being only 17 miles to drive, but the winding narrow road made for some very slow driving. Now, this wouldn’t normally have been a problem but, with the café not doing much in the way of food and us getting there later than we thought, most uncharacteristically of we were pretty much completely devoid of anything in the camper for lunch! Well that was except for some slices of bread, tomato ketchup and some sweets!!

The girls and Shelli had some bread – some with ketchup, some without – and I had a sweet, putting a couple more in my pocket in case I got hungry on the walk. “Fed” we made our way up the trail to pick up the Allt na Bogair Trail, up the side of the gorge, high above the rushing waters, through woods rich with oak, birch and ancient Scots pine.

One thing I always always forget is the fact that not everyone walks a fast as I do, and this was definitely the case today with the walk taking a lot longer than I expected it to; not a good thing when everyone hadn’t had a proper lunch.

That said, we had a great walk with wonderful scenery but I think it’s fair to say that everyone was happy by the time we’d completed it and reached the car park again.


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