Summer Holiday 2020: Day 5

Ross Links Beach

A summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without at least one visit to a beach would it? As Lee (my good friend) lives in the area we hatched a plan to meet up at Ross Links beach for the day.

After coming up with the plan we agreed it’d be easier to head to Lee’s place first – we’d have been coming pretty close anyway before heading up the A1. So, we headed to Lee’s, had a little bit of a rest while they got themselves sorted out, and then hit the road…to hit loads of traffic!

It took considerably longer than expected to get to the road we were going to park on, but we got there nonetheless, and we made the short[ish] walk to the beach. And wow, what a beach! Miles of sand with a castle (Bamburgh Castle) at one end and Lindisfarne at the other!

It was a perfect day except for one thing: the bloody wind! It was so strong at one point that the it felt like you were getting sand blasted! It didn’t stop the girls having a great time though, even if the water was way too cold for my liking!

It was so good to catch up with Lee, Amanda, and little (or not so little now) Pheonix as we’d not seen each other since Russ’ funeral two years ago. Well worth the long day’s driving that’s for sure!


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