Summer Holiday 2020: Day 9

Rainy Day, The River Tilt And The Old Bridge Of Tilt

Aa forecast the rain came in over night and throughout most of the day, giving plenty of time to chill out at the caravan. After everything we’d done so far on the holiday this wasn’t a bad thing.

Later in the afternoon the rain began to stop so I decided to go for a little stroll to see what the Old Bridge of Tilt was. I made my way down to the river, taking the path by the bridge (the new bridge if Tilt?) and as I walked up the trail it became pretty apparent that the rain had made a dramatic change to the river.

Gone was the gentle river of the previous days as it was now a raging torrent almost twice as wide as it had previously been! Also, where we’d be on the rocks throwing stones, that was now completely under water.

I checked out it a bit more until I reached some rocks and standing there I call Shelli on FaceTime – not that I could really hear her over the noise of the rushing water! – to show her and girls what the river was like. As you can imagine they were all excited to see it for real so they got themselves ready and we met back down at the bridge.

I met up with everyone and we made our way up the trail, marvelling at the water and how different the river was, as you can see from the videos below!

We got to the Old Bridge of Tilt, which is exactly what it was, a very old, narrow stone bridge over the river Tilt; who knew? The rain had started again so we took a couple of photos and then headed back down the trail to the caravan to relax for the rest of the evening, making some excellent progress on the jigsaw Eleni had started a few days before.


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