Summer Holiday 2020: Day 12

Blair Castle

No driving for the day – whoop! We were visiting Blair Castle – the home of the Atholl family for over seven centuries – in the morning so we were able to walk there as it was in the centre of Blair Atholl.

We had a tour booked in for 10am – when the opened – so we left in plenty of time to get there, which was a good thing as the “driveway” of sorts for the castle was pretty long and certainly took longer to walk that first thought. We got there with a few minutes to spare so all good.

The guided tour took us round a lot of the rooms in the castle, being told a lot about the history of the building (which had been added to a lot over the years), the room decor, and plenty more. I wasn’t sure how long I expected the tour to last but we were there for just over an hour being shown around!

After the tour we headed out to investigate the castle grounds, again taking a lot longer to look round that you might have thought. Really interesting and nice to look round.

We’d planned for Steve to come up from Ayr for a couple of days, arriving after work that day but, as we were looking round the Hercules Garden we got a message saying that he was at the Tilt River Park wondering where we were. The sneaky beggar had taken the day off and come up early! Awesome!! We told him where we were and he strolled up to meet us. So so good to see him!

Castle done we headed into Pitlochry to get some supplies in (beer mainly) and then had a fun evening back at the caravan with lots of games and laughs all round!

Oh, we also finished the jigsaw too, with Alice getting the honour of placing the final piece as you can see in the video below.


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