Summer Holiday 2020: Day 13

The Falls Of Bruar And The River Tilt

Another waterfall was the plan for the morning, this driving up the road a little way to the House of Bruar car park, which was very busy indeed as the weather was beginning the heat up a lot!.

Parked and walking boots on we headed around the front of the House of Bruar centre, picking up the path that would take us up to the falls, following the Bruar Water upstream, passing through pine trees and birch.

A little bit before reaching the lower bridge we reached the viewing platform for the first of the falls where we took a few photos and then crossed the lower bridge, taking the path up the right of the Bruar Water. This gave some excellent views of the different pools and falls on our way up to the higher bridge.

Steve being Steve decided to take a closer look at one of the falls, climbing down the rocks and along the side of the river. Some “classy” photos were taken!

We took a little rest at the top – it really was very hot – before crossing the higher bridge and following the path back down to the lower bridge, retracing our steps back down to the House of Bruar.

It was a beautiful, short, but surprisingly strenuous walk up to the falls and back again, especially with the weather being so hot!

We popped into the House of Bruar centre for some refreshments before heading back to Blair Atholl to spend some time down by the River Tilt again.


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