Summer Holiday 2020: Day 7

Black Spout Waterfall, Pitlochry And The River Tilt

Our first day in Scotland, and also our fourth wedding anniversary to boot – hurrah! We could have spent the day chilling and drinking to celebrate but no, we got up to quite a lot again.

After giving each other our cards – we’d already exchanged gifts before heading off on the holiday – we jumped in the camper and drove to Pitlochry, a short journey down the road.

Once we’d parked up we headed through the high street and out the other side of the town to pick up the short trail up to Black Spout Waterfall, a 50m waterfall with an overhanging timber viewing point opposite the giving you a great view of the falls. It was a bit of a slog up to the falls but well worth it.

We then headed back into town to get a late lunch/early dinner at Victoria’s, all enjoying some really good food.

That done we had look round the shops for a bit and got some supplies in for the next few days before heading back to the caravan to chill out for a bit. Well, I say chill out, which is exactly what everyone else did except me.

When we found the caravan online we spotted the hills opposite and, as you do, I suggested to Shelli that it’d be great if we took a walk and tried to get to the top of one of them. You know, something any “normal” person would do eh?

With that plan in mind I grabbed my GPS and headed out the door to scope out the beginning of the walk up, and to see exactly how easy/difficult it might be to get to the top. So for the next 1 hour 20 minutes I yomped up the hill to a point where I could check out the rest of the hill, just to jog back down again! All in all covering nearly 4 miles in the process.

It looked like it’d be achievable, and at the very least, the views from where I got to would be something everyone would be blown away with, so all good.

Once back we all headed out the door and strolled up the road to the river Tilt, sitting on the rocks and throwing stones into the water before heading back for some tea.

As it was our anniversary Shelli and I sat out on the decking (under the patio heater) enjoying a lovely evening watching the sun go down, drinking a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Perfect!


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